Common questions & answers about SUP Paddling, SUP Yoga and SUP Fitness

Question 1. Is it possible to do SUP Paddling, SUP Yoga and SUP Fitness in all kinds of weather?

Answer 1. It is possible to get a great experience on the water in most kinds of weather. We are adjusting the classes and activities based on the circumstances. We can also choose to be on different sides of the Dalarö Channel (either Schweizerviken bay or the Västra Vadviken side) depending on weather and wind to get the best possible conditions for SUP Paddling, SUP Yoga and SUP Fitness.

Question 2. Is it possible to get individual support and coaching if needed?

Answer 2. SUP Paddling, SUP Yoga and SUP FItness are conducted in small groups (usually 6 participants/class) to enable a safe setting and for us to see and give individual feedback and support to all participants.

Question 3. Is it cold on the water? What should I wear?

Answer 3. Wetsuits, shoes and life wests are always included in all our activities. Underneath the wetsuit bathing clothes are most comfortable to have. Warm sunny summer days when it is warm in both the water and the air bathing clothes, shorts & t-shirt or training/yoga clothes are most comfortable to wear. If it is sunny and appr 20 degrees Celcius and above it is getting hot in wetsuit. During this season of 2018 we have conducted most of the activities and classes without wetsuits. We also get warm when moving on the board. You can however be a bit cold afterwards so bring dry clothes to change to and a warm sweater/jacket.

Question 4. How does it work with SUP Yoga and SUP Fitness? Is the SUP boards floating around? What if I fall into the water?

Answer 4. The boards are attached to a floating platform which are anchored up in order to keep the group together during the SUP Yoga and SUP Fitness classes.  The worst thing that can happen if you fall inte the water is that you are getting wet, which can rather be refreshing and pleasant. The boards are inflateble and have a soft deck, there is nothing you can hurt yourself on. If you are wearing wetsuit you normally get warm quickly again if you are moving your body since it get warm by the body temperature.

Question 5. How do I sign up for a class? Can I just come by without notice?

Answer 5. Pre-booking and pre-payment are always required for each individual class for us to be able to prepare the equipment. We also have a limited number of SUP boards so need to ensure that we have SUP boards for all participants. Pre-booking is done by email to at the latest the day before class. Wait for a confirmation that there are spots left at the requested class. We are answering all emails the same day or (depending on what time you are sending the email) in the morning the day after.

Question 6. What if the weather is bad?

Answer 6. To be on the water is usually a magical experience regardless weather. The shifting weather conditions is one of the benefits of doing activities on the water – every occassion on the water is unique depending on the weather, wind and other circumstances – it can be sunny and mirrorlike water, a light and soft refreshing summer rain, more windy days. All of these different conditions can give us completely different experiences on the SUP board but it is still possible to get a great experience on the water in all these conditions. We adjust the classes and activities based on the circumstances. If the weather is inappropriate for being on the water (very strong wind and/or thunder) we are re-scheduling or cancelling the class/activity. In these cases we are notifying as soon as possible to the email address and phone number given to us at the booking. Luckily it is extremely seldom we have had to re-book or cancel a class. In case of cancellation the money pre-paid is refunded or is possible to use for another class.

Question 7. What about practical details; Where can I keep my personal belongings? Is there facilities as shower and toilet available?

Answer 7. You can keep your personal belongings in a locked storage while on water. There are showers and toilets available.

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