Booking & prices


Pre-booking and pre-payment SUP Paddling, SUP Yoga & SUP Fitness classes in our summer schedule

All classes need to be pre-booked and pre-paid in order for us to plan and prepare the equipment required. We have limited number of participants (6 persons) in most classes.

Booking is binding but if you should be unable to attend you can transfer your spot to another participant and notify us.

Pre-booking is made by email to Always state the names of all the participants you are signing up, date and time of the requested class (please note that we sometimes have more than one class a day) and your mobile phone number so we can get in touch with you for questions or updates.

Please, await confirmation from us that we have received your email and that there are spots left. We always reply all messages the same day or at the latest the morning after (depending on what time you sent the email).

How do I pay?

For SUP Paddling, SUP Yoga and SUP Fitness classes the easiest way is to pay by Swish at our company number 1234018172 (name of company APILA Utveckling AB). If you do not have Swish, please see information about other payment alternatives; bankgiro, bank account and international payment details at It is also possible to pay with credit card through i-Zettle.

We have very limited possibilities to accept cash and only do it in exceptional cases. If you wish to pay with cash we would need an even exact amount since we have difficulties in providing change back since most of our customers are paying electronically with Swish.

What is included in the price?

For SUP Paddling, SUP Yoga and SUP Fitness

All equipment (SUP board, paddle, leash and life west) is always included. Wetsuits and shoes is available to borrow without extra cost if needed.

What if I need to re-schedule or cancel?

Booking is binding but if you should be unable to attend you can grant your spot to someone else and let us know. If you get sick and have a doctor’s certificate the amount is refunded. Please, let us know as soon as possible if you are unable to attend as we sometimes have a waiting list. We will also do our best to help you find another more convenient date and time if possible.

What if the weather is bad?

During the summer when it is bad weather in the city and closer to the city the weather is usually much better here in the archipelago. If you have concerns regarding the weather, please contact us!

To be on the water is usually a great experience regardless weather and that is also the charm with outdoor and water activities. Every occassion is unique depending on the weather, wind and other circumstances on the water which is one of all the special benefits of being on the water doing yoga, fitness or paddling. Some days are warm and sunny while some days are colder and cloudy or even rainy, some days the water is still and mirror blank while some days there is more wind and waves. These different weather conditions can give us completely different experiences on the SUP board – yet it is still possible to get a great experience on the water in all these conditions. We always adjust the classes and activities based on the current circumstances.

If the weather is inappropriate for being on the water or for the specific class (very strong wind and/or thunder) we are re-scheduling or cancelling the class/activity. We are always monitoring the weather continously but sometimes weather changes can come fast or the weather is not according to the forecast. In these cases we are notifying as soon as possible to the email address and phone number given to us at the booking. Luckily it is extremely seldom we have had to re-book or cancel a class. In case of cancellation the money pre-paid is refunded or is possible to use for another class depending on what you prefer.

Other questions?

If any questions, do not hesitate to contact us! We also have some common questions and answers here;


SUP Yoga & SUP Fitness


SUP Yoga/Fitness 60 min, Askfatshamnen: 270 SEK/person

SUP Yoga/Fitness 90 min, Askfatshamnen: 290 SEK/person

SUP Yoga/Fitness 60/90 min, Askfatshamnen, 5 occasions: 1200 SEK/person

Individual SUP Yoga & SUP Fitness

PT SUP Yoga 60 min – 1 occasion: 890 SEK/person

PT SUP Yoga 60 min – 5 occasions: 3750 SEK/person

SUP Paddling


SUP Paddling 60 min (in group with a guide/instructor): 250 SEK/person

Introduction SUP Paddling 90 min: 350 SEK/person

SUP Paddling 60 min, Askfatshamnen, 5 occasions: 1200 SEK/person

Individual SUP Paddling

SUP Paddling with guide/instructor (1-2 persons) 60 min: 600 SEK/person
SUP Paddling with guide/instructor (1-2 persons) 90 min: 900 SEK/person

Rental of SUP boards

Rent a SUP board

1 hour 200 SEK/person
2 hours 300 SEK/person
4 hours 400 SEK/person
6 hours 650 SEK/person


For other requests/prices for other activities/classes and for group bookings (private or for companies), please contact us for a discussion regarding your needs and to get a proposal!